Honey Space

Chelsea, New York; which curator doesn’t want to open an art gallery in this booming art district in the capital of the world? Many have the dream, but with the exorbitant high rent prices only a few can afford it. For this it’s very unthinkable to believe that a new free space gallery, where no rent is paid opened is located at this booming art district.

Called Honey Space by its creator, the gallery is located in one of the last unused old warehouses in the polished Chelsea art district. There is no sign, no heat, no window and even no one present in the gallery that looks more like a crack house. Every morning the security gates will be lifted and lowered in the evening.

If you like the art inside, you can call the artist phone number or just steal it. But Thomas Beale, the founder hope that the cultural value will be appreciate as much as much as he does. “Free space to show is anywhere amazing but for it to be in Chelsea is just crazy. And we know it” Thomas Beale said.

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For over three years now, the exhibitions come and go in Honey Space. Every couple of months a new artist gets the opportunity to show his contemporary art is in the free gallery. They get the freedom to personalize the garage doors of the gallery and make them an extension of the art inside.

I’m following this art gallery from the moment it opened its (garage) doors. I love that someone has the guts to claim a unused, crack house looking space and make it into a gallery where artists can show their work, who would normally never had the change to exposition in Chelsea. They ease of no supervision fits this concept perfectly and shows that this initiative is appreciated. It makes art accessible. There is literally no threshold.

Honey Space can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday 11-6 at 148 11th Ave. New York.


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