Tweed Run

Walking on the streets in the Greenwich Village, Soho and Lower East Side in New York City last October, could have been confusing and surprising. You had to think twice about if you were still in the 20th century. About 250 men en women were riding their old bikes and wearing their vintage tweeds during the Tweed Run.

The event started at the ‘Rugby’ Ralph Lauren Store where the participants gathered to prepare for the run by enjoying tea, music and dancing. After this warm-up the participants, all in beautiful old but very modern looking tweed outfits, got on their bikes and started the Run through New York to end at the party at the finish in Brooklyn. Their were some prices the win for best dressed man and women, best mustache and best bike, but most people just participated to enjoy the streets of New York and each others company.

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This month, on November 26th the run will take place in London. This run will also become a huge success. The 250 spots where gone after only one day. The London runners will all gather at the Rugby store in Covent Garden and take part in special activities occurring throughout the route, from the classic Tea Break to an exclusive soiree at the end of the run.

The idea behind the Tweed Run brings together Ralph Lauren’s legacy of traditional tweed and heritage looks with Rugby’s authentic streetwise twist, with some healthy sporty fun in the fresh air. Ralph Lauren wouldn’t be Ralph Lauren if the didn’t created an online tweed world with tea manners, the Tweed Run bike, the map and off course a Ralph Lauren tweed clothing line.

See you in Tweed at November 26th!


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