Polkadots! Who doesn’t love them?

Damian Hirst shares this love for the polka dots with me.  With the exposition ‘the Complete Spot Painting’, showing in 12 different galleries in seven different countries, Hirst shows his love for color.

‘I’ve always had a phenomenal love of color… I mean, I just move color around on its own. So that’s where the spot paintings came from—to create that structure to do those colors, and do nothing. I suddenly got what I wanted. It was just a way of pinning down the joy of color. ‘ —Damien Hirst.

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present “The Complete Spot Paintings 1986–2011” by Damien Hirst.

The exhibition will take place at once across all of Gagosian Gallery’s eleven locations in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Rome, Athens, Geneva, and Hong Kong, unitl March 17th 2012.

Part of the exhibitions is the Complete Spot Challenge. A part of the enjoying all the Damien Hirst paininting you can receive your own signed spot print by Damien Hirst, dedicated personally to you when visiting all the locations.

I just enjoy the polka dots from here! Enjoying the simplicity of the round shape, the colours and the many possibilities of the polka dots.


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