The encouragement of a Moleskine..!

Moleskine. If you start with one.. you can’t stop! I’m personally addicted! My first one was for my final thesis two years ago and now I buy the little notebooks for everything; projects, citytrips, everyday notes etc.  Sometimes the notebook is already at my desk without having any purpose what so ever

I don’t know what the magic is. It could be the luxury feeling what you get when you use them of the sense of being organized with your moleskin in your purse. The fact is that they look great! Regarding to the brand itself Moleskine becomes part of our identity… And they are right! When the notebook is full, it really becomes valuable to you, a piece of your mind, a part of your thoughts.

I think I explained my Moleskine love quite well, but this was not the reason to write this blog. Today I saw something quite exciting;  Moleskine exhibitions. In every big city in the world; Berlin, New York, Paris, London, Shanghai, Istanbul and Tokyo the most interesting notebooks are shown at Detour; the Moleskine Notebook Experience. Detour is s a small piece of the Moleskine journey, where interlacing stories merge. The exhibition show features notebook creations by internationally recognized artists, architects, film directors, graphic designers, illustrators, and writers. Some works contain extensive stories; others are turned into pieces of contemporary art and design.

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Aldo a lot of the exhibitions are finished we can still enjoy these great notebooks at our own house. The Moleskine website presents all the artists with their Moleskine notebooks online in a virtual exhibition. Moleskin artist from London; Chris Dent is my favorite. He is, as I obsessed by NYC and his Moleskine book tells that story by text and drawings.

Watch Christ Dent – Moleskine

After seeing about ten movies of the notebooks you realize that the notebooks are too good to just but your daily things in. When you buy a new Moleskine it must be for a great challenge, inspiration or project. Moleskine encourage you to succeed. You want to be proud of the content of your notebook….otherwise you also just use a notebook of $0,99!

A great hooray for a brand what is only around for 14 years!


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