You’re absolutely Flawsome!

Today I’ve read an article about a new trend; Being Flawsome! I’m blogging about it because it’s my favourite characteristics in a human being. I attempt to like people more when they point out the flaws and their mistakes, preferably with a nice joke. Those people seem more real and more open. They make you feel more comfortable.. and they are in my opinions defiantly more interesting. That why it doesn’t surprise me that Flawsome (brands that are still brilliant despite having flaws – is a trend at the moment. It surprises me even that it took so long for it to be here.

A important factor that causes this trend is the communication that has became extremely open. Everything is shares online. One mistake and everyone is twittering and blogging about it. There is less control about what you communicate to your customers, the know everything. The four seasons for example included the reviews from Tripadvisor and comments from Twitter and Facebook. Customers can read all the reviews directly on the site. The Four Seasons hotels shows that it has nothing to hide and increased there reliability.

Brands who don’t admit to have any flaws are less believable, and of course, this is the same with humans, It’s very hard to trust someone who doesn’t have any flaws. It’s unreal and you become superstitious. So… the best thing to do is to be honest and use your flaws to make yourself or your company more believable and create a bigger fan base than you had before, just with the right marketing.

A great example is the Domino’s Pizza Turnaround. After receiving a negative YouTube video posted by their own employees complaining about the bad taste of the pizza’s. Instead of ignoring this, Domino’s started the Pizza Turnaround campaign with a video that they took the complains very serious and were working on better product, what was shown in this video. After releasing this campaign Domino’s showed live-stream messages at time square, New York, for one month with all the reaction – good and bad- at the billboard.

See the Pizza Turnaround Campaign

My favourite example is the case of Linx, the UK version of AXE. The company was forced to remove a series of risqué online ads following a number of complaints. In response they posted a new video where the model from the original series was handing back all the props used in the video.

See the Linx campaign

Please read the article about the Flawsome trend at for some more examples.


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