Cut it Out!

‘We aren’t just travelers, we are skilled explorers. We are Scout Creative’.

They got my attention with that sentence. With my love for marketing and communication this is a company I must share with you. I got my eye on the company due a little article about a Calendar a month which a colleague shared with me. I liked the creative concept – who doesn’t like to do some little arts and crafts- and start exploring the rest of their website. Beside the fact that they are making calendars every month that you can cut out and build yourself they also do a lot of creative stuff for big companies like Disney, HP, Apple, Adidas and Dreamworks.

Scout Creative is a content marketing agency located in sunny Portland, Oregon. They help companies make real, meaningful connections with the customer. The have discovered that providing engaging and educational content, rich in thought and creativity, yields far better results than more traditional marketing approaches.

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They are exceptionally good with paper and use the material in all of their communication for the clients. They make sure that the customer gets involved in the brand by creating something themselves. The Puss in Boots website from Dreamworks for example shows a huge amount of arts and crafts with the puss which children can create by their self.

I think this company has a super nice niche in the big world of marketing. Start following their blog at:


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