The encouragement of a Moleskine..!

Moleskine. If you start with one.. you can’t stop! I’m personally addicted! My first one was for my final thesis two years ago and now I buy the little notebooks … Continue reading

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The journey through the American life

Last Sunday I visited the exhibition; Joe Sternfeld Colar Photography since 1970 at Foam Museum and I was quite surprised. I must say that I had not much expectations because … Continue reading

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Polkadots! Who doesn’t love them?

Damian Hirst shares this love for the polka dots with me.  With the exposition ‘the Complete Spot Painting’, showing in 12 different galleries in seven different countries, Hirst shows his … Continue reading

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Tweed Run

Walking on the streets in the Greenwich Village, Soho and Lower East Side in New York City last October, could have been confusing and surprising. You had to think twice … Continue reading

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Classic stories never get dull

I’m not a girl who normally writes about handbags, clutches and purses… but sometimes you have to make an exception. When a bag is more than a beautiful design of … Continue reading

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Honey Space

Chelsea, New York; which curator doesn’t want to open an art gallery in this booming art district in the capital of the world? Many have the dream, but with the … Continue reading

November 1, 2011

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